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Easily find your happiness among out range of Babolat tennis racquets. The most famous racquet is the Pure Aero. This iconic racquet is ideal for players who like to hit a great deal of spin. This racquet is used by Rafael Nadal. The Pure Drive is destined for players who are in search of power and who like to quickly finish points off. This racquet is used by Garbine Muguruza and Fabio Fognini. The Pure Strike racquet is perfect for those who prefer more control, such as Dominic Thiem.Babolat has even developed several ranges for recreational and beginner level players, such as the Boost racquets. Your kids will also find their happiness as there are anywhere from 17 to 26 inch sized tennis racquets.

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The Babolat tennis shoes can be used by all players because the Propulse range is perfect for players who like to move all over the court and the Jet range is for players who are in search of lightweight and dynamism. Many ranges can be used by competitive players (Jet Mach II, Propulse Range and Propulse Fury) and for players who play regularly (Propulse Blase and Jet Tere) and for recreational players (SFX and Pulsion). Worn by Benoit Paire, Babolat shoes put forth extra durability as they are developed by Babolat and the soles are created by Michelin.

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The babolat clothing universe

Find the Babolat tennis clothing with the 3 ranges of products. The Compete range offers original outfits that will allow you to be very efficient on the court. The Play range is ideal for your tennis team outfits in your club. The Exercise range is composed of cotton t-shirts, jackets, sweat tops and pants and can be worn during your training sessions.


The babolat bag universe

The Babolat tennis bags will perfectly store your racquets as they often match the racquets' designs. You will also discover the Duffle bag range. This range can be used for your tennis and gym sessions. The Expandable bags will fulfil your expectations as you can modify the size with zips. Juniors will not feel left out either. There is a collection that is made for juniors wit fun colours and the appropriate sizes.

The babolat string universe

Babolat is one of the last brands that is able to sell natural gut strings as the French company provides the famous VS Touch string. However, Babolat also provides very high quality monofilament and multifilament strings. Some of the popular strings are: RPM Blast, RPM Hurricane and Xcel. These excellent strings are appreciated by both amateurs and professionals.

The Babolat padel universe

With help from their famous player, Juan Lebron, world number 1 in 2019, Babolat continues to march forwards within the padel market as their team keeps growing Bastien Blanqué, Victoria Iglesias, Fernando Poggi. Babolat constantly strives to develop better products, such as their very well-known racquet: the Viper Carbon. Nevertheless, the French company is the first brand to create a shoe that was specifically designed for the sport of padel: the Jet Premura.

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On, we offer the possibility of discovering the Babolat brand, a famous French tennis and padel specialist since 1875. If the brand's expertise in the creation of tennis strings does not need to be proven any longer, Babolat is also known worldwide for their fantastic tennis racquets thanks to the famous players who use these products, such as Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Dominic Thiem, Fabio Fognini, Garbine Muguruza, Alizé Cornet and Caroline Wozniacki.
Partner of both Roland Garros and Wimbledon, Babolat develops a range that is dedicated to both Grand Slams, which is comprised of tennis bags, tennis racquets and accessories.
The brand is well-known because of the very recognisable tennis racquets, such as the Babolat Pure Aero racquet, formerly known as the AeroPro Drive, used by Rafael Nadal. Babolat has also created the Pure Drive model, along with the Pure Strike collection.

The Babolat tennis clothing is widely used by tennis clubs in order to benefit from nice, club outfits for men, women and juniors. The Babolat tennis outfits are also used by professional players on the circuit thanks to both the well-developed design and high quality. 
Regarding their ranges of tennis shoes, Babolat works with Michelin in order to produce an exterior sole with enhanced durability. You can find the Propulse Fury, Jet Mach II and Jet ranges as they are ideal for competitors. Moreover, the Propulse Blast, the SFX and the Pulsion shoes are made for recreational players.
The Babolat tennis balls, such as the Roland Garros tennis balls, are used during the Parisian Gran Slam and are appreciated for their durability.
The Babolat tennis string is made for all types of players as they provide a large quantity of monofilament, multifilament, hybrid and natural gut string, such as the RPM Blast, the Pro Hurricane Tour, the Xcel and the VS Touch...
The Babolat tennis bags are used on the ATP and WTA circuits by professional players as they are very colourful, offer incredible adaptable qualities (Expandable) and a long life span. The Babolat Pure bags will fulfil your tennis needs and ultimately allow you to transport what you need to perform well.
Babolat also invests in padel as they offer a full range of padel racquets, padel bags, padel shoes and padel balls.