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Babolat flag

Babolat : flag edition

The Babolat Flag racquets will allow you to support your favourite country during the major sporting event this year in Tokyo. At the same time, you will benefit from a racquet with an exclusive design. You will find these racquets among your favourite racquet series: the Pure Aero, the Pure Drive, the Pure Strike 16x19 and the Boost. The countries chosen for these limited edition racquets are: France, USA, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Argentina and the United Kingdom.


The France collection offers 4 racquets and a Babolat Classic bag. Customise your equipment with the blue, white and red colours!

Babolat flag

United States

The USA collection offers 4 racquets, a Babolat Classic bag and overgrips to enable you to customise your racquet with the colours of the Star-Spangled Banner.

Babolat flag


The Japan collection is equipped with 4 racquets and a Babolat Classic bag. Be ready to personalise your equipment with the elegant sunrise country colours!

Babolat flag


The Italy collection is composed of a Boost racquet to pay tribute to the Italian colours: green, white and red.

Babolat flag


The Brazil collection is made up of a Boost racquet and a Babolat Classic bag. This collection provides the colours of the Brazilian flag: green, yellow and blue.

Babolat flag

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom collection puts forth a Boost racquet and a Babolat Classic bag. Opt for the Union Jack colours: blue, red and white.

Babolat flag


The Argentina collection possesses a Boost racquet and a Babolat Classic bag to honour the light blue and white Albiceleste colours.

Babolat flag