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Dunlop Tennis Balls


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Opt for quality and high performance with these tennis ballsDunlop has jumped ahead on the tennis market in 2019 as they have become partners with the Australian Open and the ATP. Choose Dunlop tennis balls as you will be able to play within the same conditions as the pros. The English brand develops balls for all types of players and surfaces. The new tennis ball is used at the Australian Open. This ball offers very high quality as it possesses HD Pro Cloth fabric to contribute better feel to your game. Furthermore, the HD Core technology will ensure that high level players appreciate this tennis ball's ability to last a long time. Dunlop still produces the famous high definition Dunlop Fort ball (HD) and continues to deliver the "ball-istic" feature that is often highly demanded by today's elite players. Additionally, the Dunlop Fort Elite ball remains to be a very good ball as well. The felt indeed acquires additional visibility. Dunlop has crafted tennis balls that are specifically made for competitions on the clay court. Finally, the British brand has even designed balls without pressure


For the young and our future professional players, there are several categories of tennis balls that are based on age. First off, the youngest players who are less than 6 years old and play mini-tennis will use foam balls as they are the ideal choice for tennis initiation. These beginner tennis balls will enable youngsters to hit the ball easier and develop correct technique. Next, the red balls are made for children who are beginning to play tennis and are between 6 and 8 years old. This ball is bigger and slower than a regular ball. Furthermore, the orange balls are destined for juniors who are between 9 and 11 years old. Lastly, the Dunlop intermediate or green balls are 25% slower than a standard ball. These balls are ideal for bigger children who are between 12 and 14 years old. The majority of tennis balls are sold in a can, a case or a bucket.