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Tecnifibre Tennis Balls

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You can find all of the Tecnifibre tennis balls on Tennispro.eu. There are several different tennis balls designed in many different sizes for all levels and ages. 


First of all, adults players are lucky as Tecnifibre provides several ranges of tennis balls. The Tecnifibre X-One ball is a high quality and lively ball that lasts a long time. This ball can be played with on all surface types and is used during the Marseille and Rotterdam professional tournaments. The Tecnifibre Club tennis ball is ideal for all types of players of all levels. This high quality tennis ball can be used during tournaments and other competitions. Next, the Tecnifibre Champion One ball is perfect for players or clubs who are in search of a versatile ball that can be used during official matches and training sessions. This ball can also be used on all court surfaces. Do not forget about the comfortable and durable Tecnifibre Court ball. This Tecnifibre ball is made for all levels of play and provides excellent value. Lastly, the French brand even creates XLD pressureless tennis balls that can be struck by competitive players during training sessions. 


Junior tennis cannot be neglected. This is why Tecnifibre develops numerous categories of tennis balls that are based on age and level of play. Firstly, young players who are less than 6 years old and play mini tennis can use foam balls when they are hitting their first few shots. These balls will enable youngsters to develop proper technique and the larger size will assist them in hitting the ball. Next, the red balls are made for beginners who are between 6 and 8 years old. Then, the orange balls are destined for juniors who are between 9 and 11 years old. After that, the next step is to use the green balls or the Tecnifibre intermediate balls. This product is for bigger children who are between 12 and 14 years old. The majority of these tennis balls can be purchased in a can, a case or a bucket.