This Bullpadel Hack Control 03 23 racquet, in black and blue design, is the combination of power and control thanks to the qualities of the Hack range combined with a round head.

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It is made entirely from Tricarbon material, which offers more durability and stiffness for more power. The technologies present, such as Hack, combined with a heavy weight (about 370g) will provide more control and stability. The round shape, which will lower the sweetspot (ideal hitting area), will offer better precision to move your opponents perfectly and stay in control of your strikes.
The new Air Channel technology will improve the racquet's air penetration for more arm speed, and the Hesacore grip promotes grip and release for more power without straining.

With the CustomWeight system, you can customize the racquet for more power or balance. There are three slots on the head of the racquet as well as a replacement for the current head cap so you can have the perfect racquet for you.

This racquet will be perfect for the experienced player looking for control.


- Hack: Stiffened racquet core to improve accuracy even on off-center hits
- Air Channel: Holes in the sides of the core to improve the aerodynamics of the racquet and provide more power.
- Vibradrive: Rubber part inserted in the handle to absorb vibrations
- Metalshield: Aluminum alloy bumper on the top of the racquet to protect it from bumps and scratches
- MultiEVA: The core of this racquet will feature two densities of foam: the first is more compact to offer more power on fast balls and the second is less dense to keep better control on slow balls.
- TriCarbon 3D: Use of biaxially interlaced carbon strips to provide more strength and stiffness while reducing weight.
- CustomWeight: A system that allows you to customize your racquet according to your desired benefits. 3 spaces are provided in the head of the racquet and 1 in the tip to add leaded plates (available separately)
- Nerve: Creation of channels on the sides of the racquet frame to increase rigidity by lowering the weight
- Adaptia: The assembly of TriCarbon and MultiEVA will allow the racquet to adapt its reaction to the speed of the ball. On a fast ball, the racquet will stiffen up to give you more control while on a slow ball, it will stay in contact with the racquet longer for more powerful shots without effort.
- Hesacore: The Hesacore grip features a honeycomb design to create more contact between the hand and the grip. This will reduce hand tension on the shaft so you can play more freely.
- CarbonTube: A hollow tube on the outside of the racquet frame. It is made of carbon for an excellent compromise between power and control.

Technical characteristics :

Racquet shape Round
Weight 365-375 oz / 365-375 g
Length 17.72 in / 45 cm
Thickness 38 mm
Equilibre Bas
Racquet cover No
Reference 467385
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