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Women's Babolat Tennis Clothing

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Enjoy women's Babolat tennis clothing on Tennispro.eu and opt for a style that is as good as your game ! 


Tennis runs in our blood ! Prove it with your new Babolat outfit. The Babolat brand, specialist in sports equipment, offers a large choice of clothing for women in order to provide for all styles and preferences. Tennis players who prefer a classic style should opt for the polo that goes well with the skirt. Meanwhile, the other players who seek colour and flashy designs should opt for a more original tennis dress or a tank top. The colourful Babolat clothing is ideal to wear during the summer time and the simpler colour schemes are better to wear in the fall and winter. 

Do not neglect any details within your outfits as there are numerous accessories to enable you to perfect your style. Choose among our tennis bras as they are ideal to wear under your t-shirts, offering better support in all situations. You can also match the colour of your visors to your tennis tops. Lastly, to keep you dry and focused, do not forget about the Babolat wristbands


Uniting style and quality with women's Babolat clothing. The brand has developed high quality technology in order to bring optimal comfort during the different stages of the match, all of your tennis training sessions and even your most important tennis matches. It's your turn to determine your preferences and check out our large selection!

Babolat clothing is designed to improve your ability to compete. You will be protected from the sun thanks to the UFP 50+ technology. Additionally, sweat will no longer be an issue as it will be effectively evacuated with the 37.5 technology. Meanwhile, the clothing, provided with Fiber Dry technology, is soft and light. 

Choose a Babolat tennis style that corresponds with your personality and your game