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Opt for women's Yonex tennis clothing on Tennispro.eu and choose a style that is as good as your performance level on the court ! 


Do you appreciate classic styles and do you like simpler colour schemes ? The Yonex tennis skirtstank tops and polos offer united and simple designs just for you. You will appreciate being able to distinguish yourself from other female tennis players as you can opt for colourful and flashy designs. The Yonex tennis sweaters and t-shirts contribute dynamic and original styles in order to complete your outfits and allow you to look and feel great on the court.  

Yonex offers women's tennis clothing that is ideal for all styles. You can find outfits for your tennis training sessions and tennis matches within the two ranges of the brand. One is called the Club Collection. This collection provides apparel that is better to wear during your training sessions. Meanwhile, the Performance collection is ideal to wear when you compete.  

It is easy to be equipped from head to toe with Yonex. The brand also offers socks in order to enable you to complete and finalise your tennis outfit. Do not miss out on the excellent Yonex products. 


The technologies developed by Yonex for tennis clothing are ideal for the practise of tennis

Sweat and the sun will no longer bother you during your tennis matches. Indeed, the VeryCool and Dry Comfy technologies evacuate humidity from your skin to keep you nice and dry throughout your exercise sessions. The women's Yonex clothing was designed with stretchy fabrics to offer excellent mobility and allow you to move freely and effectively on the court. You can go and enjoy your training sessions in the summer time without having to worry about sun burns thanks to the UV protection placed on the Japanese brand's products. The apparel even has the advantage of being anti-static in order to provide an excellent and comfortable feeling

Enjoy women's Yonex tennis clothing and find comfortable fits that best correspond with your style and game.