Discover products that have a positive impact on reducing carbon emissions. Each of the brands featured on our page is actively helping to preserve our future resources, and it's in this section that we'll be presenting you with a selection of environmentally friendly products! From recycled polyester to recycled plastic and 100% recyclable packaging, our teams will regularly be presenting you with new products that are in harmony with the values of sustainable development.

Adidas ecologic


adidas offers a host of environmentally-friendly products in its Parley, Primeblue and Primegreen ranges. The brand has even announced its intention to use only recycled plastic in its clothing from 2024.


Parley offers products made from recycled plastic. This plastic is recovered from beaches before it reaches the oceans.

Primeblue was created by adidas in collaboration with Parley. This high performance material is made of 50% recycled ocean plastic.
The Primegreen technology is made of recycled products. It is introduced as a complement to the Primeblue technology.
Adidas ecologic


Tecnifibre X-Loop clothes are made from recycled strings. Recycled strings are collected from clubs and retail outlets, shredded and transformed into plastic balls. The plastic beads are then processed into threads used to make the T-shirts. The result is technical, lightweight T-shirts that are extremely breathable when you're on the tennis court.

Adidas ecologic
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Made from recycled plastic bottles, Luxilon Eco Spin, Eco Rough and Eco Power strings are also manufactured in a factory that is 100% powered by solar panels.

Adidas ecologic


Since 1949, Asics' objective has been to encourage people to challenge themselves through sport in order to achieve a healthy mind in a healthy body. This objective has also found a new dimension with the desire to offer a healthier Earth. This is why Asics uses recycled materials in the manufacture of its products such as clothing and footwear.

Adidas ecologic


The crocodile brand is increasingly adopting an eco-responsible approach to the manufacture of its products. You'll find Lacoste clothing produced using recycled polyester obtained from manufacturing offcuts or organically grown cotton.

Adidas ecologic


Head tennis and padel ball tubes now come in a more environmentally-friendly packaging. The tube is made from recycled plastic and is 40% lighter than the previous version in order to limit the use of plastic. Furthermore, the label has been reduced in size to facilitate recycling at recycling centres.

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The wilson Trinity balls: A better ball for the planet

At first glance: When you see a tube of Triniti balls, the first thing that jumps out at you is the packaging. Indeed, it is made of 100% recyclable and ecological material. This ecological feat is made possible by a new system of ball pressure that makes the metal tube obsolete and outdated with a cover that releases the balls from the tube.

A tube without pressure: For the design of this new ball, there had to be a change in the composition of the ball without losing in quality of rebound and touch. Wilson therefore worked on the composition of the ball's core and added 40% extra thickness to the ball wall to achieve the desired compromise. The felt surface of the ball has also been given a new coating that is 50% more flexible than a traditional ball, providing more feel in contact with the ball and reducing the wear and tear on the ball's casing.

The result: Thanks to these two changes, we obtain a ball that will keep a new feel 4 times longer than a standard ball. This leads to a less frequent need for new balls, which is no minor detail considering that 90% of tennis balls are not recycled.

Adidas ecologic

The used racquets: an eco-friendly and economical second life

Buying second-hand is the best way to save money while caring for the planet. You will find in the tab "Used racquets", a wide range of racquets sorted by brand at very reduced prices. Thanks to this approach, we offer a second life to our racquets that were part of the test program.

Why buy second hand?
• Preserve the planet's natural resources
• A unbeatable quality/price ratio
• Racquets verified by our experts
This selection is ideal if:
• You are a beginner player and wish to start practicing tennis with good equipment for lower prices.
• You need an extra racquet in a condition matching your current ones.