The Sidewinder16 made in Japan by the brand Gosen is a braided monofilament with an impressive spin potential! Push your opponents back behind their baseline by adopting the Sidewinder16 with its flashy yellow look!

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User benefits

Power Vs control
This polyester monofilament will give you maximum control on full power hits. It will allow you to hit powerful shots while keeping the ball within the boundaries of the court thanks to its braided structure that will make the ball spin more. To get the right power/control balance for your needs, we recommend playing on the tension of this string (less tension for more power!).

Thanks to its braided structure for an incredible grip, this string will allow you to imprint very good spin for a heavy ball that spurts at each of your strikes... your opponents just have to hold on tightly and have a strong arm!

Tension upkeep
This polyester string will lose tension over hours of play.

This string will seduce the big breakers thanks to its very good durability.

The engineers of the Japanese brand have worked a lot on this monofilament to make it comfortable ... Mission accomplished since this monofilament is much more comfortable than other strings of the same structure. However, the Sidewinder string is not recommended for young players or for players with arm pain since the shock absorption remains limited.

Our recommendations

Player profile: Player with a good technical and physical level, powerful, looking for a durable string and maximum spin.
Recommended racquet type: Weight over 290g.
Recommended tension: 21-25kg


Composition: Co-polyester monofilament twist braided co-polyester
Length : 12.2m

Technical characteristics :

Avantage cordage SPIN, POWER, LIFESPAN
Length 12
Type of Racquet Weight > 290g
String type Monostrand
Reference TS121
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