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How to choose your racquet? 

Technical Advice

Tennis racquets: how to choose the right equipment?

For a racquet to become a natural extension of your own arm, you must consider a thorough evaluation of a certain number of criteria to achieve optimal comfort and efficiency.

Whether you are a beginner just starting to learn tennis or an expert who are already familiar with tennis techniques, you will not choose the same type of equipment.

To make the right choice for your racquet, four criteria must be seriously considered :

Racquet’s weight : the more heavy the racquet, the more powerful your movement, but greater weight also makes the racquet less easy to handle.

Head size : the larger the head size, the more strength in your gesture, but you lose precision with a larger head size.

Grip size : once you put your hand around the grip, there should be a space of about one centimeter between the thumb and the middle finger.

Racquet’s balance : if you are looking for power, you will tend to choose a racquet that is more heavily balanced towards the head. If you look for precision and an easier handling of the racquet, you will opt for a handle-side balance.