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The tennis grip is an important accessory to consider on your tennis racquet as it consists of the contact area between the player and the racquet. A grip will prevent your hand from slipping when you are hitting the ball. This will allow you to remain consistent on the court. It is indispensable to have a good grip on the shaft of your racquet


Tennis grips are essential to your well-being on the tennis court. If you have a slippery grip, it will be hard to be effective ! Each player will determine which type of feel is best for him or her. A tennis player can choose a comfortable grip that offers extra comfort and durability, an adhesive grip in order to benefit from a sticky feeling and obtain extra grip or an absorbant grip with the goal of absorbing sweat with a peach skin material or through perforations.
The player can also decide to opt for a leather grip for optimal quality and life span or a thin grip to slightly increase the size of the shaft. At the same time, thick grips increase the grip size. Lastly, it is even possible to adapt the colour of your grips to your tennis racquets. These various colourful grips will indeed add a little extra style to your racquet and overall look on the tennis court. Stick out on the court with your grip. 

A LARGE SELECTION OF GRIPS ON TENNISPRO.EU offers a large variety of grips from all of the brands on the tennis market in order to satisfy all tennis players. The Babolat grips are unique and are able to cater to the needs of tennis players with the Babolat Syntec Pro grip, used by Rafael Nadal, the Babolat Xcel Gel grip and even the Babolat Natural grip. Meanwhile, Head produces the Hydrosorb Pro grip and the famous Head leather gripTecnifibre sells ATP World Tour grips, such as the Tecnifibre X-Tra Full ATP grip and the Tecnifibre X-Tra Endurance grip. Nevertheless, there are many Wilson grips. For instance, the Wilson Pro Performance grip or the Wilson Sublime grip. Wilson even offers the Pro Grip Max Lotion in order to effectively absorb humidity when it is really hot outside. 

Finally, you will find many more grips for racquet customisation, such as Yonex gripsDunlop gripsTourna grips, MSV grips and Polyfibre grips