Who are we ?


Some numbers

40+ Stores In France and around the world
110 collaborators

49% big hitters - 36% pushers/consistant players - 9% bad players - 6% double fault pros - 100% passionate tennis players

60 available brands
40+ countries we deliver to
1 Padel court
1 Connected tennis court
1 330 000 of racquets strung per year


Advance, innovate and create in order to keep you at our side forever. Serving you since 1981, we strive to constantly serve more customers and most importantly, keep our customers both satisfied and happy with your Tennispro experience.

After the paper catalogue and the minitel days, our company understood the internet revolution, opening an online distrition centre, but also created physical stores (being the most important in the tennis world). All of these moments have influenced our daily tasks, new projects and future partnerships. We are convinced that we are only beginning this fantastic story, while keeping you nice and close by our side !

Discover the Adventure
The Tennispro team une équipe de passionnées

Our Services


Our purchasing service is composed of passionate tennis players who are looking to discover the latest tennis collections from the 60 biggest brands in order to provide the best possible selection of products for you. The top-notch visionary and managerial purchasers anticipate trends and analyse your preferences in order to better attend to your future expectations !

Throughout the entire season, our apparel, shoes, and equipment purchasing teams are in direct relation with our suppliers and monitor sales and orders in order to make sure the products you dream about are always available and at the best price.


Our marketing team is composed of graphic designer, categorical, photographer and videographer managers. All managers work together to put more than 60 of the biggest brands online and into videos.

The marketing service develops functionalities in order to make it easier to navigate through the webiste. They also provide all of the necessary and relative product information to make it easier for you to make your choice (descriptions, photos, videos, …). Basically, the marketing team does everything they can to allow you to find the equipment that is best for you.

Tennispro strives to always be closer to those who are passionate about tennis. Our marketing team stays connected with you on our social networking sites : Facebook, Youtube and Instagram


Our warehouse is more than 5000 m² and is a true anthill of activity where our logistics team organises, with methodoloy, the flux of arriving and departing merchandise in order to have the new collections be quickly receptioned and available for you, have orders quickly prepared and shipped and have our franchised stores in France, Belgium and Italy receive our products on time !
They are true warriors !

Customer Service

Without a service, it is impossible to win a tennis match...

At Tennispro, customer service is the heart of our priorities and our team is available 5 of the 7 days of the week to help your choices, answer your questions concerning your payment, product availability, expected delivery dates or even the return procedure.

Five languages are spoken by our team in order to communicate with all world wide customers and to be able to respond quickly to your demands. (French, Spanish, Italian, English and Dutch).


[email protected]
03 88 64 63 62


Franchise/store service

Our store service has developed, since 2015, a network of high quality franchised stores throughout France and Europe (more than 30 open stores in two and a half years).

There is true support for all of our store owners and teammates. The store service trains them, gives them advice and remains available throughout the entire year in order to allow you to have access to a Tennispro store near you !

Promotion service/ clubs

Our team is dedicated to clubs and meet the expectations of all clubs and partner leagues to reinforce the connection between Tennispro and those who practice tennis.

Tennispro is ambitious about participating in tennis development through clubs, leagues and coaches by giving them access to a large variety of products, but also to suggest solutions that can improve their daily business activities. Our team offers contracts with allocations, special prices and discounts for club members to more than 400 clubs.

IT and Web Development Service

Working in relation with the marketing and graphics services, the web service's mission is to put together new features and web pages (such as the one you are reading right now!) in order to bring the best possible experience of our website, big screens, tablets and mobile phones.

Our web integrators keep their eye on their coded lines while always striving to satisfy the customer!

Stringing Centre

Order your equipment from Tennispro and take advantage of our professional stringing team.

Our entire professional stringing team possesses an ERSA diploma in order to string your racquet the best possible way for your particular game and personal racquet.

Since string is the main engine of the game, it is very important to give the necessary attention to this process in order to obtain the best possible feel on the court. This is why our stringers do not leave anything up to chance or luck. They apply the best stringing techniques in order to avoid tension loss and inaccuracy within your equipment.

Expert Centre

Our experts are available live on Skype and can allow you to experience the heart of our warehouse to show you a product from all angles and provide a detailed response to your questions.

Our experts can assist you to choose your racquet by suggesting our racquets that are available to test.

Finally, our customisation service prepares your racquet as if you are a professional by modifying the balance and the weight of your racquet in order to add higher quality to your game !


Our accounting team is in charge of paying our suppliers and all other expenses of our daily activity. Furthermore, the accounting service processes customer payments. As long as the second part is more important than the first, we will be here to deliver your equipment !


Our 5000m² campus shelters the products of 60 brands in a warehouse that is at the heart of our daily activity. Our open space and connected meeting rooms are an exchange and work forum for more than 65 employees, but also for all of our suppliers who come and present their future collections.

A true laboratory, our campus is provided with a connected tennis court with the Playsight system and a padel court to test products and provide the best advice on all of the equipment you can find online.

Campus Tennispro