25 Inch Juniors Tennis Racquets

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Discover a wide variety of junior 25 inch tennis racquets as they can be used during your child's tennis training sessions and matches. You will find different models of racquets that can be used by all levels of play. We sell different models from the best tennis brands, such as Babolat, Head, Toalson, Yonex, Wilson, Tecnifibre, Pro Kennex, Prince, etc.


Give your child a racquet that is adapted to his/her level, size and age. You will have the possibility of choosing from aluminium racquets, composed graphite or graphite to respond to the needs of all young tennis players. You will also find junior versions of the pros' racquets, such as Gael Monfils or Rafael Nadal, etc. These racquets will enable your child to develop skills. There are even racquets for those who would like to start competing in tournaments and get a better ranking. Do not miss out on this excellent selection of 25 inch racquets.


The 25 inch racquets (adapted to children who are between 125-140cm tall) displayed on Tennispro.eu are ideal for kids who are between 8 and 10 years old. More specifically, the junior tennis racquets in aluminium are advised for beginners who are playing tennis recreationally and not competitively. On the other hand, young intermediate level players who have weekly training sessions should orient themselves towards graphite racquets as these racquets were made for more competitive players. Youngsters who are aspiring to play tennis tournaments will find their happiness with graphite racquets as many of them are smaller versions of the adult models. These racquets are once again for young competitors who are in search of quality and skill development.


Junior racquets sold on our website are equipped with numerous technologies and highly technical characteristics. Among the racquets, the junior Wilson Ultra 25, a junior version of the Gael Monfils racquet, will be ideal for players who like to dominate the baseline. The head size strongly enhances spin and optimises power in order to enable you to control points. Is your child in search of power and tolerance? We have many racquets that can fulfil these needs as we sell racquets from Toalson, Head and Prince.

The available racquets come in various colours and styles and can be appreciated by everyone!

Our team of experts can help you with your choice.