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Used Racquets

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    Used racquets - DUNLOP


  • -35%
    • Head Size : 99.98 in² / 645 cm²
    • Weight unstrung : 10.1 oz / 285 g
    • String Pattern : 16X19
    • Balance unstrung : 12.8 in / 32.5 cm



1-52 / 52

Items 1 to 52 of 52 total

GIVE OUR TEST RACQUETS A SECOND LIFE offers a very large choice of used tennis racquets at various prices throughout the entire year. All of the biggest racquet brands, such as HeadBabolatWilsonTecnifibrePro Kennex and Yonex are available within this category. This category is ideal for players who are looking for a second racquet or a different racquet. You will indeed be able to discover new feel on the court without having to buy a brand new racquet. Check out our former test racquets that are now for sale at crazy low prices as used racquets


Our used tennis racquets are earlier models that have been used by other players. We would like you to give these racquets a second life. These used tennis racquets have been verified before we put them on the website for sale. We analyse all of the racquet's flaws. If the racquet possesses major problems or deformations, the racquet will not be put on the website for sale. All of the racquets sold within this category are thus in good condition. You will have no trouble using these racquets.

All of the racquets will be delivered in the condition that is detailed in the product description. First off, we do a diagnosis of the general racquet condition. We verify the paint chips and the scratches on the frame. Then, we detail the current condition of the grip and overgrip. Also, we mention whether the racquet is already strung or not. If the racquet is not strung, you can restring it with the string of your choice. Lastly, each racquet is displayed with 2 photos. One photo shows the overall current racquet condition and the other photo exposes the condition of the racquet's grommets. 

If you are looking for a previous model that is slightly damaged, but is sold at a low price, you will find the racquet you need on