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Improve your game and technique with our inexpensive tennis accessories found on our Tennispro.eu website. Play comfortably without vibration with our promo round shock absorber or long shock absorber. Our team has selected the best brand accessories at low prices. Optimize your game sensation with our inexpensive accessories: Tournagrip, Babolat, Wilson, Head, Tecnifibre or Yonex. 

Your racquet grommets are worn out? Don’t hesitate to replace them using the advice of our racquet and accessory experts.


Let your imagination run wild and customize your tennis racquets at reduced prices. You will find inexpensive lead bands, shaft enlargers, string stencils, or bonus technical items like balancers or weight modifiers. Arm yourself with our inexpensive tennis accessories for your upcoming tennis matches.


Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, there is no limit to your talent. Tennispro offers inexpensive equipment that is adapted to improve your tennis racquets and physical preparation. You will find training balls, fitness mats, weights, elastic bands, muscular stretch bands, or even agility ladders to use alone or in groups!

Choose the best fitness with our inexpensive tennis accessories!


In addition to tennis accessories and strength training, we would like to offer nutrition adapted to your physical efforts. Recommended by sport nutritionists, it is advised to eat and hydrate correctly and set aside time for recovery. Choose with confidence our inexpensive food supplements and energy drinks to improve performance. You will find brands such as Apurna and Energysport to give you the necessary energy to beat each of your competitors.